Urban Coyotes Information Session

Learn how your family and pets can safely coexist with coyotes Coyotes are part of our suburban ecosystem. During an information session, Mississauga Animal Services will share information about coyotes in Mississauga. Learn to safely coexist with urban coyotes, how to keep your family and pets safe and what you can do to protect your …

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Riverwood Enabling Garden

Help push TRC’s Mississauga garden to win! The Riverwood Conservancy’s (TRC) Enabling Garden was selected from across North America as one of the top three therapeutic garden finalists for the National Garden Bureau’s 2015 Therapeutic Garden grant process. Each competitor, using social media, must get as many votes as possible for their garden.  The garden …

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Transportation Summit

Moving around our city by car, bus, bicycle or on foot continues to evolve as Mississauga and communities surrounding continue to grow.  All residents are welcome to register and attend the City of Mississauga’s first Transportation Summit – Mississauga Moves 2015.  Registered participants will join local and international experts as well as exhibitors for interactive …

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2016 City Budget

Get involved in the 2016 budget. Budget Committee begins deliberations on the 2016 budget on November 23. Tell us what your priorities are with our updated budget tool.  We’ve added new features and more service areas for 2016.  You can increase or decrease the budget in 10 different service areas, and your feedback will be …

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CWS Volunteer Posting

Creditview Wetland Stewardship Group Member Volunteer Opportunity Position Title:  Creditview Wetland Stewardship Group Member Organization:   Credit Valley Conservation and City of Mississauga Location:          Creditview Wetland and surrounding area (1360 WiIllowvale Gardens) Become a member: Do you enjoy being outside? Are you an environmentalist or naturalist at heart? Credit Valley Conservation and …

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$1 Miway Fair for Seniors

Beginning June 29, MiWay, the City of Mississauga’s transit service, will offer one dollar cash fares to seniors as a six-month pilot program approved by City Council. The one dollar cash fare for seniors will begin Monday, June 29 during off-peak hours: Weekdays from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Weekdays after 7 p.m. Anytime on …

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New City of Mississauga Mobile App by Pingstreet In an effort to improve our ability to serve mobile audiences, Communications has launched a new City of Mississauga mobile app powered by Pingstreet. Developed in partnership with IT, the free mobile app provides citizens and visitors with relevant City information in one convenient place. Pingstreet is …

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Mississauga’s Infrastructure

What is Mississauga’s Infrastructure? Infrastructure describes the equipment and structures the city owns, that we all use and benefit from. It helps us at work, at home and at play. Roads, bridges, stormwater drains and sewers, sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, community centres, libraries, fire stations, pools, arenas, parks, trails, playground equipment, buses and bus shelters. …

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Nuisance Sign Removal Program

Nuisance Sign Removal Program; Residents can help keep our streets neat and tidy May 19, 2015 The Nuisance Sign Removal Program is a way residents can participate and help the City of Mississauga keep boulevards free of illegal signs. “The City takes pride in maintaining and ensuring our boulevards are clean and free of illegal …

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Recycle Your Batteries

Take Charge and Recycle Your Batteries Got used or unwanted batteries? Help the environment and recycle your batteries at any Mississauga Library or Community Centre. Where are the battery recycling bins? The battery recycling bins are located near the customer service area in each Mississauga Library and Community Centre. What type of batteries can I recycle? Single-use (non-rechargeable) batteries: A, …

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Stormwater Charge

  Stormwater Charge If you own a property in Mississauga, a new stormwater charge will appear on your Region of Peel water bill beginning in 2016. To learn more about stormwater, how the City manages this service and the new charge, please watch the video. What is Stormwater? Stormwater is the rain and melted snow …

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MiWay Freedom Pass

MiWay Freedom Pass Youth ages 12-14 can get unlimited free rides within Mississauga on MiWay and unlimited free public swimming at city of Mississauga heated indoor and outdoor pools. Freedom Pass can be used from July 1 to August 31 Available starting May 1 Click here for more information

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Zinio Magazine Collection The library now offers unlimited access to complete digital magazines, easily viewed on most Internet-enabled devices. Create a Zinio account to save your magazine selections. Available from home, and in all Mississauga Libraries Read this document prior to your first visit to Zinio: How to Setup a Zinio Account

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Government Levels

The Four Levels of Government in Mississauga – Who Does What? In the City of Mississauga there are four levels of government with various responsibilities: Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal. Local Government Responsibilities The City of Mississauga is responsible things that are closely related to the city such as transit, fire services, snow removal, and …

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Reading Buddy

Become a Reading Buddy and Gain Volunteer Hours!                   Do you want to be a part of a fun reading program for children in Grades 1-3? As a volunteer high school student, you will be able to share your time and enthusiasm with a young child one …

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Maker Mississauga

New Mississauga Library Programs Maker Mississauga is a new initiative brought to you by the Mississauga Library System! Learn through Making! Make discoveries! Build your skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM)! A Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Printer is now available for use by the public at the Central Library’s Sciences and Business …

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Ash Tree Removal

 Ash Tree Removal **Update** City contracted crews have completed the removal of Ash trees infested with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Woodlands Meadows Park. Crews will be returning to remove the stumps. All stumps are painted bright orange. After the stumps are removed the ground will be repaired with topsoil and reseeded. All works will …

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Driveway Windrow

Apply by Nov 13 The City of Mississauga’s Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program opens for applications on Monday, August 10, 2015 with a cut-off date of Friday, November 13, 2015 at 9 p.m. Eligible Residents Residents who are 65 years and older in 2015 and individuals who are physically disabled can apply for the Driveway …

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Fall Leaf Pickup

 Fall Leaf Pickup – Nov 2-6 and Nov 23-27 Vacuum Leaf Pickup is provided in the fall season to streets that are more than 35 years old and contain many mature large trees. Newer streets with fewer and younger trees are not included in the program. Streets included for Vacuum Leaf Pickup receive a direct-mail …

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